Meet the Artists


Pat Green

Like many artists known for one type of art, Texas music legend Pat Green is impressively multi-talented. A painter and a sculptor, Green came to the visual arts later in life, having created a successful career as a singer, songwriter, and performer. The same creative impulse that drives Green's music has evolved into a love of creating visual art as well. Having studied and worked with renown sculptor Gil Bruvel, Green has embraced sculpture as a discipline that allows him to express himself in a new and meaningful way. He takes his work very seriously, and then adds his energetic, lively musician personality to his work.


Ginger Walker

Dallas native Ginger Walker's painting style is bright and bold, yet soft and ethereal. Her paintings are lively, fluid, bright, and evocative. They are brilliant sunshine and fresh air. Working mostly in acrylic or acrylic and ink, Walker, married with two children and two dogs, likes to work fast to fit her passion for her art into her hectic schedule. Walker says she hates grey days and feels inspired on bright, sunny ones. Her personality is full of light, so it comes as no surprise her paintings reflect that as well. They are a welcome addition on those dark, rainy days when the sun hides his face.


Cheryl Hodge

Cheryl Hodge is a painter and sculptor whose abstract paintings tend toward the monochromatic, yet express an inviting intelligence and depth. Not a one-trick pony, her extruded plastic sculptures are vibrant and eye-catching. She is as vibrant as her sculptures, and, like them, Hodge puts a smile on your face. At the same time, she is as warm and deeply intelligent as one of her paintings. Her multi-faceted and unique personality comes across so clearly in her art that owning a Cheryl Hodge feels a bit like getting to take her home with you.