Galleywinter Gallery

by PAt Green


After spending years working and creating in their own homes, musician and artist Pat Green, and artists Ginger Walker and Cheryl Hodge decided they need What happens when your family wants their garage, or spare bedroom, back but you still want to paint, draw, or sculpt?

You open your own gallery and work space.

This is how Galleywinter Gallery came to be, a collaboration by musician Pat Green, Ginger Walker and Cheryl Hodge. Located off Vickery Avenue, this space provides ample room for the trio to work as well and display, and sell, their work. 

Named for “Galley Winter,” a single off Green’s Three Days album, the gallery features a roll-up garage door to let in lots of natural light. Floating white walls added during the remodel create additional display space for the artist’s artwork.

Green’s art includes sculptures, oil paint and resin work on wood panels. Walker is known for her brightly colored acrylic abstracts. Hodge paints in dark monotones and sculpts with extruded plastic.

Galleywinter Gallery will be open by appointment.